UCLA International Conference to hold talk on the Development of Freemasonry in USA

In the 18th century, British imperial forces spread to territories throughout the world – reaching the British Isles, North America, the Caribbean, and India. Freemasonry spread with their growing empire – and while doing so aroused interest in men from many different faiths. At this year’s UCLA International Conference, taking place April 7 in Los … Read more

Norman Moore Lodge, No. 7976 – Talk – “The Father of Electricity”

Wednesday 22nd November at 4.30 p.m. – Harrow Norman Moore Lodge, No. 7976 are delighted to present:- “The Father of Electricity” Imagine, if you can, a world without electricity. Sparks will fly as you meet the great Victorian scientist, Michael Faraday, the man from humble beginnings who changed the world with his discoveries. Faraday takes … Read more