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Freemasons $500,000 donation for New Alzheimer’s Center

The facility was funded by a $500,000 donation from the Ocean City Masonic Lodge No. 171 through an endowment for Alzheimer’s treatment established by the now-deceased Flora Baker, a local businesswoman. Baker set up the endowment in honor of her late husband, Benjamin, who was a member of the Ocean City Masons.

Oregon Freemasons support Raising a Reader

Oregon Freemasons have chosen to support Ontario School District in partnership with Raising A Reader, a literacy program on a mission to engage young readers and strengthen family routines.

Principals and teachers from Aiken and May Roberts elementary schools attended an initial training session provided by Kristen Anderson of the Raising A Reader program.

Massachusetts Freemasons award student scholarships

The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts awards scholarships based primarily on each applicant’s academic achievement, financial need, and broad participation in community and school activities. Since beginning the scholarship program in 1995, Massachusetts Freemasons have distributed more than $8 million to enable full time, undergraduate attendance at accredited educational institutions.

Freemason has likeness printed on Brazilian stamp

Eminent Freemason Thomas W. Jackson, meets leaders all over the world to see what contributions Freemasonry can make in their developing societies. The 82-year-old shows no signs of stopping, even though he says he is retired.

The avid fisherman and hunter said he’s been working for many years in trying to bring Brazilian Freemasonry together.