Warwick-based charity thanks group for continuing their fundraising efforts

Reading Time: 2 minutes Safeline, which helps and supports those affected by sexual abuse and rape, recently received a donation from the Order of Women Freemansons Lodge 159.

Freemasons from across Ireland aim to raise ‘six figures’ for charitable causes by the end of 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes Freemasons of Antrim’s exciting Vision 2020 Festival

Lincolnshire Freemasons launch its Festival with a £2.25m fund raising pledge

Reading Time: 2 minutes Lincolnshire’s 3,400 Freemasons, including those from Louth and Alford, have committed to raise £2.25 million for charity during the next five years.

Freemasons spread happiness at Per Ells day care centre and celebrate the festival of the Three Kings

Reading Time: 2 minutes Local Freemasons Lodge, White River No 153, recently attended the Per Ells school for Children with special needs in Turis, * to celebrate the Tres Reyes Festival, deliver gifts and hopefully spread a little joy to the school children, and the young at heart who attend the centre. As many will know, this celebration to commemorate the arrival of the three wise men is more important to Spanish children as this is when most receive presents.

The Traditional History of The Order of Women Freemasons

Reading Time: 10 minutes Brethren, our order was formed in March 1908 when we were called The Honourable Fraternity of Antient Masonry. We are a regular Masonic Order open to all women, unlike Adoptive Masonry which restricts its membership to women who are fortunate to have Masons among their near family. As you know, we are open to all women of full age, of good report and holding a belief in a Supreme Being.