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Workings – The many versions of Masonic Ritual

Freemasonry is described in its own ritual as a Beautiful or Peculiar system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.

The symbolism of freemasonry is found throughout the Masonic Lodge, and contains many of the working tools of a medieval or renaissance stonemason. The whole system is transmitted to initiates through the medium of Masonic ritual, which consists of lectures and allegorical plays.

Common to all of Freemasonry is the three grade system of craft freemasonry, whose allegory is centered on the building of the Temple of Solomon, and the story of the chief architect, Hiram Abiff. Further degrees have different underlying allegories, often linked to the transmission of the story of Hiram. Participation in these is optional, and usually entails joining a separate Masonic body.

There are within this framework many different versions of Masonic Ritual.

Have I missed any?

Scottish Craft Workings
  • Standard Scottish / The Standard Ritual of Scottish Freemasonry
  • The Scottish Craft Ritual (by George Kenning)
  • DM Goudielock
  • The Complete Manual of Freemasonry (by William Harvey)
  • Scottish Masonic Ritual (by George Martin, Dundee)
  • Craft Freemasonry (by John Crombie and Alex McConnochie, Aberdeen)
  • The MacBride Ritual
  • The Modern Ritual
English Craft Workings
  • The Perfect Ceremonies of Craft Masonry (Emulation Lodge of Improvement)
  • Nigerian Ritual (Emulation Lodge of Improvement)
  • Revised Edition / Emulation Ritual (Emulation Lodge of Improvement)
  • The Revised Ritual of Craft Freemasonry (by Franklin Thomas)
  • Universal Ritual / The Universal Book of Craft Masonry
  • West End / Authorised West End Ritual of Craft Freemasonry
  • Ritus Oxoniensis / Ritual of Craft Freemasonry in the Provence of Oxfordshire
  • The Sussex Ritual of Craft Freemasonry
  • Stability Ritual / The Standard Ceremonies of Craft Masonry (Stability Lodge of Instruction) AKA Muggeridge Working
  • MM Tayor’s Handbook of Craft Freemasonry (North London)
  • The Complete Workings of Craft Freemasonry
  • Oxford Working / The Oxford Ritual of Craft Freemasonry
  • The Logic Working of Craft Ceremonies (Logic Ritual Association)
  • A Book of Masonic Ritual (by W.Bro. Arthur Calver) (East London)
  • The Castle Ritual (Northumbrian Past Masters)
  • Craft Guide Merchant Navy Working
  • The Veritas Working of Craft Freemasonry
  • The Ceremonies of Craft Freemasonry (Welsh Masonic Lodges in London)
  • Bristol Masonic Ritual
  • -Claret
  • -Unanimity
  • -York (Gilkes)
  • -Humber
  • -Plymouth Common-Sense
  • -Exeter Ritual
  • -Bury
  • -Britannia (Sheffield)
  • -Domatic
  • -Metropolitan
  • -East London
  • -West London
  • -South London
  • -English Ritual
  • -The Correct Ceremonies of Eastern Craft Masonry (privately printed), and practiced by The Aldwych Club Lodge No.3794 and The Lodge of Sincerity No.174 (Thanks to David. Mason, W.M., The Lodge of Sincerity No. 174)
English Royal Arch Workings
  • The Metropolitan Working of Royal Arch Masonry
  • The Perfect Ceremonies of the Supreme Order of the Holy Royal Arch
  • The Ritual of the Holy Royal Arch (Domatic Chapter of Instruction)
  • The Complete Workings of the Royal Arch Ritual (Hale Chapter of Improvement)
  • The Aldersgate Royal Arch Ritual (Aldersgate Chapter of Improvement) AKA Nigerian Royal Arch Ritual
  • The Supreme Order of the Holy Royal Arch Ritual (Standard Chapter of Instruction)
  • The Midlands Working of the Royal Arch Ritual (Warwicks, Worcesters, Staffs & Shrops)
  • The Warwickshire Working of the Royal Arch Ritual
  • The Ritual of the Holy Royal Arch (Province of Sussex)
  • Worcester Working of the Royal Arch Ritual
  • The Oxford Ritual of Royal Arch Masonry
  • The Staffordshire Royal Arch Ritual
  • -Grenadiers
  • -Taylors