They Stayed At Home

“The Lodge meets to-night,” said Brother Brown, “But I don’t care about going down, I’m tired, and it’s pretty cold to-night, But everything is sure to go alright, If I’m not there.” So he sat and read The paper awhile then went to bed, having stayed at home from the meeting.

The Tylers Toast (Suffering) – Standard

To all poor and distressed brethren, Wheresoever they may be, On the land, the sea or in the air. A speedy relief from their suffering, And a safe return to their native land, If they so desire. (Response) To all poor and distressed brethren.   The origins of the Freemasons’ Tyler’s Toast can be traced … Read more

The Tyler ‘s Toast (Afflictions)

  Did you know – In Freemasonry, “cowans” and “eavesdroppers” are terms used to describe individuals who are not members of the fraternity and are therefore not permitted to participate in its meetings or learn its secrets. Cowans: Historically, a cowan was a stonemason who built without using mortar or dressed stones, essentially a rough … Read more