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They Stayed At Home

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“The Lodge meets to-night,” said Brother Brown, “But I don’t care about going down, I’m tired, and it’s pretty cold to-night, But everything is sure to go alright, If I’m not there.” So he sat and read The paper awhile then went to bed, having stayed at home from the meeting.

” The Lodge meets to-night,” said Brother Gray, ” But I think I’d rather stay away. I don’t like the way the young folks take Things into their hands and try to make The good of the Order all jokes and fun-
I think something sensible ought to be done.” So he stayed at home from the Meeting.

Thus one and another began to say, As long as their dues, they were willing to pay Or Test Fees promptly, they could not see What the difference was if they should be Away from the Lodge on a meeting night,
And argue to prove that they were right In staying at home from the Meeting.

And the earnest Officers of that Lodge, And the faithful few who would not dodge About their duties, and try to shirk, But did both their own and other’s work Grew discouraged at last, and in dismay ‘
The Grand Lodge took the Charter away Because all stayed at home from the meeting