Cumberland & Westmorland Freemason’s Life Saving Gift to “Blood Bikes Cumbria”

The Blood Bikes provide the county with a unique voluntary transport service, couriering urgently needed blood, drugs, human tissue and other medical requirements between hospitals and medical centres, often operating under “blue light” conditions. They are all highly trained specialist advanced drivers.

Bolton District Freemasons Tercentenary Parade

Monday, October 23rd, 2017 Author: Alan Ogden Bolton District Freemasons took the opportunity of parading to the local Parish Church in honour of the Tercentenary celebrations on Sunday 22nd October. After a wonderful lunch at Silverwell Hall the members formed up in challenging weather conditions, preceded by the Bolton Caledonia Pipe Band and paraded to the Parish Church to … Read more

Freemasons donate £25000 to Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre

The MS Therapy Centres aim is to keep their members as mobile and as independent as possible within the confines of their condition. Their Vision is for a centre of excellence providing professional specialist therapies and support for people with MS in a self-help environment that inspires and empowers.