The Dunboyne Jewel.

Jewel made in 1808 by Thomas Harper of London and purchased by the Hon Theobald Fitzwaller Butler. The Honourable Theobald Fitzwalter William Butler was the son of James Butler 13th Baron Dunboyne, and spent the early part of his life on the family estates in North Munster. He joined the original Royal Arch Lodge No … Read more


LAFAYETTE SHORT TALK BULLETIN – Vol.VI July, 1928 No.7 by: Unknown Lafayette stands apart and alone. His spirit was unique, and his career without parallel. Although a man of another race and land, his life is a part of the heroic legend of our country and our Craft. His story is more like fiction than … Read more


Bro. Sheldon A. Munn (a member of Lafayette Lodge #194, Selins Grove, PA) is a student of the Civil War, particularly the Battle of Gettysburg. Bro Munn gives many lectures as well as writing on the Civil War and is a licensed Battlefield Guide at Gettysburg We thank him for preparing this Short Talk Bulletin. … Read more