River Towy Raft Race

Reading Time: < 1 minute The WM of St Peters Lodge, W Bro Phil Sutherland, has constructed a raft to take part in a sponsored raft race on the river Towy on July 2nd. The race runs from Carmarthen to Ferryside, where the appropriately named lifeboat “The Freemason” will be on stand-by. W Bro Phil is keen to show his thanks for the … Read more

Gavel Travels East

Reading Time: < 1 minute W Bro Phil Sutherland (WM St Peter’s Lodge) claiming the gavel from W Bro Andrew Evans (WM Strumble Lodge) The travelling gavel continues on its journey around the Province as 9 members of St Peter’s Lodge No 476 in Carmarthen visited Strumble Lodge No 4351 in Fishguard on Wednesday April 13th to claim the gavel. … Read more