Occultism of the Bible and the Kabbalah

Reading Time: 3 minutes Kabbalah is a knowledge of Divine Wisdom. This truth is the foundation stone upon which the regenerating and saving portion of every true religion is based.The Kabbalah transmits to us such knowledge as the adepts of those times chose to commit to writing.

Islam and Freemasonry

Reading Time: 12 minutes Freemasonry may even be considered complementary to Islam as its principles only go to reinforce a Muslim brother’s own faith; contrary to the misconceptions widely held among my Muslim brethren from various sects. The distrust perhaps arises from the fact that masonic symbols are derived from segments of the Old Testament such as the Temple of King Solomon

Cheshire Freemasons’ leader lifing the veil of mystery

Reading Time: 7 minutes PRESS RELEASE Provincial Grand Master, Stephen Martin Blank, the leader of Cheshire Freemasons is shining a new and revealing light on our organisation, which we believe for a long time has been treated unfairly with public doubt and suspicion surrounding our true motives. Even though across England and Wales more than £100 million has been … Read more