Historical Origins of the Mark Degree

Reading Time: 11 minutes The Mark is a ceremony or degree [sometimes called the ‘friendly’ degree], conferrable today only to Master Masons and forms part of a hierarchical organization. In Craft Masonry it was quite a late innovation making its appearance during the mid-1700s.  However we do know that Operative Masons, without any kind of ceremony, were taking marks 150 years before the Mark came into use as part of that particular ceremony.

The Influence of Kings on Craft Freemasonry

Reading Time: 27 minutes ‘From time immemorial’ we have been very fortunate in that our Craft has had the support of Royalty. Without that support I doubt that we would be in the same position as we are today, even taking into account our declining numbers. Royalty brought and registered a degree of class, charisma & gentlemanly behaviour to … Read more

THE ROOTS OF FREEMASONRY – W.Bro. Trevor Jenkins, PM Nautilus Lodge No. 4259

Reading Time: 19 minutes For centuries Masonic historians have been puzzled by the motives for, and the purpose of, the formation of the craft of freemasonry, both in its operative, and speculative form, and whilst endeavouring to investigate the mysteries surrounding the formation of our order, it seems that the riddle actually forms itself into three distinct questions

1813 Revival by Sussex of Restoration Chapter No 1 – 1769

Reading Time: 7 minutes Records of Royal Arch activity in England, in today’s Supreme Grand Chapter, start with the entry in the first minute book of the unnamed ‘Excellent Grand and Royal Chapter’. They are dated 22 March 1765 and show the first meeting to have been held at the mysterious and still unidentified Mr Inge’s premises, until the move to The Turk’s Head in Gerrard Street, Soho, London on 12 June of the same year. It took a further four years before Supreme Grand Chapter issued warrants establishing the first new Chapters under the jurisdiction of the Order.