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Freemasons donate £2,000 to Exmouth Sea Cadets

The Cadets need for funding came about after the East Devon District Council terminated the lease of their old building and, due to its very dilapidated state and lack of amenities, this had also restricted the number of cadets able to use the building.

Photo of the Master of Pioneer Lodge, W Bro. Andy Brown, accompanied by the Charity Steward, W Bro. Don Newing, and W Bro. Tony Harvey, presented the County Commissioner for Derbyshire, James Stafford, accompanied by the centre’s project manager, Tom Stoddart, with the cheque for £2,000.

Derbyshire Freemasons donate £2000 to Drum Hill Scout Camp

When Pioneer Lodge learned that Derbyshire Scouts needed a new activity and accommodation centre at the county camp site, Drum Hill, members wanted to support the venture. Not only had some of them been volunteers at the site over the years, and some had actually helped build the previous centre, Birch Hall, but Pioneer Lodge itself has had a long attachment to Drum Hill.

Freemasons donate £1,000 to the Strode Park Foundation

The Strode Park Foundation is a charity that provides high quality services to meet the needs of people with disabilities. It aims to meet all levels of need, from those requiring some home care, to people with more complex disabilities. For more information please visit: www.strodepark.org.uk