The Influence of Kings on Craft Freemasonry

Reading Time: 27 minutes ‘From time immemorial’ we have been very fortunate in that our Craft has had the support of Royalty. Without that support I doubt that we would be in the same position as we are today, even taking into account our declining numbers. Royalty brought and registered a degree of class, charisma & gentlemanly behaviour to … Read more

Alain Bernheim: My Approach to Masonic History

Reading Time: 31 minutes As a French citizen who was successively a member of the Grand Orient of France – ‘that irregular body’ –, then of the Grande Loge Nationale Française – a regular one –, then of the United Grand Lodges of Germany and, for the past ten years, of the Swiss Grand Lodge Alpina, Alan presents his approach to Masonic history

Hundreds attend funeral of Battle of Britain pilot and Freemason Ken Wilkinson

Reading Time: < 1 minute Hundreds of people attended the funeral of W Bro Ken Wilkinson, a Battle of Britain pilot and member of both Worcestershire and Warwickshire Provinces The service was held in St Alphege Church in his home town of Solihull on 8th September 2017, with dozens lining the streets outside to pay their respects. W Bro Wilkinson’s … Read more

Freemasons in China: the Portuguese link – W Bro A.M.A. Gonçalves

Reading Time: 8 minutes The emerging of freemasonry in China in the 18th century has been reported a British invention, coming from the historical conflict, the Opium War, that involve Great Britain and China in a dispute about the trading routes in the Eastern Chinese coast and commerce of the narcotic product among the Chinese population.