Kipling and the Craft

The need for this further essay was first made apparent to me when—in my capacity as Secretary of the Lodge and Editor of the Transactions—I began to receive inquiries from Brethren as far away as Vancouver and Singapore, asking for materials and information which might help them to complete their own papers on Kipling, and I found, to my surprise, that while our library contains a great deal of relevant material, there has never been a paper on Kipling in our Transactions.

Jim celebrates 60 ‘diamond’ years in Freemasonry

Daniel James Wilson (Jim) achieved a momentous milestone and celebrated his Masonic diamond jubilee at Kerneforde Hall, Carnforth, in a ceremony led by Assistant Provincial Grand Master David Grainger and hosted by Carnforth Lodge No 4951. David was accompanied and supported on this occasion by Lancaster and District Group Chairman Jim Wilson (no relation!) and fellow grand officer Chris Butterfield

Henry Howard Molyneux Herbert, 4th Earl of Carnarvon

Henry Howard Molyneux Herbert, 4th Earl of Carnarvon was a Freemason & British politician.

Earl Carnarvon was born on June 24th, 1831 in London, England. He was educated at Eton College and Christ Church, Oxford. He was given the nickname “Twitters” because he had a nervous tic and twitchy behavior.