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Exmouth hospice gets £1k cash boost from freemasons

Left to right: Back row. Freddie James, Rosie Gedye and Reuben Ayres. Front: Carey Mackenzie, Colin Gale.
– Credit: Clive Eden

An Exmouth Hospiscare centre has been boosted with a £1,000 grant from Devonshire Freemasons.

The grant for High View Gardens comes through the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) and will be used for the care of the terminally ill.

Carey Mackenzie, Hospiscare’s grants and appeals officer said “We want to thank the Freemasons for their wonderful donation.

“This will go a long way in supporting our specialist end of life care for patients and their families.

Colin Gale from the Devonshire Freemasons said: “They do an outstanding job helping people with terminal or life limiting conditions, as well as supporting their families through very difficult times.

“For the Freemasons of both Devonshire and the Masonic Charitable Foundation to be able to help in this way is very satisfying but when we come and meet the nurses and staff who dedicate their lives to helping people who find themselves in need of their help, it is also very humbling.”

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