The Entered Apprentice Freemason

As an Entered Apprentice Freemason (EA) the brother on the very first step of the ladder is the most valuable asset the fraternity possesses. The future of Freemasonry will depend entirely upon your happiness, satisfaction and dedication to the principles and practices of Freemasonry in general, and your devotion to your own Lodge in particular. … Read more

A Gentleman’s Introduction To The Seven Liberal Arts

The purpose of learning the arts is to train the mind how to think (as opposed to what to think).  By combining the seven liberal arts with the five senses, one can distinguish between reality and fiction. This can be visually represented with a Pythagorean triangle.

The Spiritual Dimension of Freemasonry

The above definition of spirituality is a useful introduction to the content of this paper for regardless of Obedience, I’ve always believed that Freemasonry as a whole is mainly concerned with spirituality. Spirituality deals with the intangible, with the non-material, which is exactly what we do as freemasons at every temple meeting. We deal with the virtual, the symbolic, the intangible. We attempt to reach out to the GAOTU and to our own inner selves.