How did Various Masonic ritual books come about?

1st Degree

Reading Time: 7 minutes With the exception of the Craft and Royal Arch, the governing bodies of all recognised Masonic Orders exercise central control under their jurisdiction over the ritual practiced by the Lodges, councils, conclaves or whatever the unit may be called. Because of the way that the Craft developed from very early times, there was considerable diversity of … Read more

‘Our Yesterdays’ – Graham Redman and John Hamill

Photo of Freemasons Hall Great Queen Street London

Reading Time: 13 minutes Quarterly Communication, 11 December 2013 A Speech By VW Bro Graham Redman, Deputy Grand Secretary, And VW Bro John Hamill, Assistant Grand Chancellor GFR: RW Assistant Grand Master and Brethren, a year ago we left the Moderns Grand Lodge resolving unanimously to give a dinner to The Earl of Moira, Acting Grand Master and to present him … Read more

The shared experience

Reading Time: 3 minutes A badly read piece of ritual is infinitely worse than a badly remembered piece, explains Director of Special Projects John Hamill When dealing with the media on behalf of Grand Lodge, one of the comments that I regularly received from journalists was that if the ceremonies are the main purpose of lodge meetings it must … Read more