William Brittain Roberts’ gravestone restored

In October 2016, Vic Charlesworth, Curator of the Warrington Masonic Museum, became aware of the existence of a Mason’s grave in the cemetery at St Thomas Church, Stockton Heath, Warrington. Vic visited the grave and discovered that the memorial and gravestones were in a very poor condition. Chris Gleave (left) and Vic Charlesworth admiring the … Read more

Beloved Masonic Architecture: Readers Weigh In

Beloved Masonic Architecture: Readers Weigh In Oakland Scottish Rite Center – Photo courtesy of raycopainting.com We asked readers of our weekly e-newsletter and more than 117,000 fans on the Masons of California Facebook page to share what their favorite Masonic building in California is and why. Here are some examples of what they said: • … Read more

Eddie does a fine job

At the installation meeting of Foundation Chapter No 5394, the companions witnessed a fine ceremony at Urmston Masonic Hall as Denis Tierney was installed into the first principal’s chair, in a well-directed ceremony by Eddie Wilkinson, supported by his installing officers under the careful direction of director of ceremonies Jonathan Platt. Eddie addresses the companions. … Read more