Sir William J Clarke – First Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of Victoria

The foundation stone of the Freemasons Hall in Melbourne was laid by him in March 1885, the finished building being consecrated by him to Masonic purposes in March 1887. In 1889 he became the very first Most Worshipful Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of Victoria, an amalgamation of the three bodies that had operated at that time under their own constitutions. In 1885 he had largely financed the building of the Freemasons’ Hall at 25 Collins Street.

Famous Scottish Freemasons – Kenneth McKellar 1927 – 2010

Kenneth McKellar grew up in Paisley, where his father owned a grocery shop. As a child he was enraptured by the ‘great’ singers: “I thought Peter Dawson, the Australian baritone, was wonderful,” McKellar commented. “He had the kind of voice that could be identified within the first four bars.” He recalls his parents taking him to a concert in … Read more

Not the full age of 21 years

The Candidate at Danetre Lodge’s meeting on the 4th of April 2016, Mr Adam Reynolds, was born in February 1997, making him only 19 years old. Because of his age and studies, his Grandfather, WBro Alan Randall, currently Director of Ceremonies of Danetre Lodge, had never broached the subject of becoming a Mason with Adam, … Read more