A Guide for the New Esoteric Freemason

Reading Time: 22 minutes This paper presents a viewpoint which supports that esotericism is a legitimate element of the Craft and exists by design and that Freemasonry is the inheritor of a great wealth of secret knowledge which has been encoded in our rituals, symbols, and traditions

Esoteric Freemasonry A Growing Trend

pic Khunrath’s Amphitheatrum sapientiae aeternae (1595)

Reading Time: 20 minutes The body of Freemasonry is comprised of many types of individuals whose Masonic pursuits vary according to that individual’s personality and interests. Freemasonry has been very aptly been compared to a complex tapestry composed of many colourful overlapping individual threads which taken as a whole form a larger picture.

Freemasonry and Initiation

Reading Time: 18 minutes The concept of what constitutes a man is time honored and tested. The traditional role of men has been essential to the development and maintenance of society. Learning to think for ourselves, to form our own judgments, to trust our decisions, to comprehend, to expand our knowledge, to choose this course of action over that, to decide between good and bad, have through the millennia been recognized as the attributes that define a man.

What Are The Rags Of Our Righteousness?

Reading Time: 4 minutes BY: ROBERT G. DAVIS, 33*, GRAND CROSS The interrogatories of Craft Masonry are said to have been penned by William Preston and appear in the ritual workings of the Entered Apprentice Degree sometime after 1772. Prior to this, the preparation room was used for different purposes. In the earliest days of Speculative Masonry, the candidate … Read more