Reading Time: 7 minutes We can no longer be content to be a member of the “silent majority.” Members are reluctant to express their constructive criticisms in open Lodge. They have no such problem expressing their concerns in the banquet hall after the meeting when it is no longer relevant

A Charge By Any Other Name – On yonder Book that oath I took

Reading Time: 9 minutes In our Masonic lodges we are apt to see or hear a piece of work that makes a great impression on us. Each degree in our respective rituals has special pieces that standout with unique beauty and meaning. I was intrigued while visiting a lodge some years ago when I saw a wonderful poem called “On Yonder Book” given as a charge after the third degree. Afterwards I asked the brother who had given it where it was from, but he had little information about it. I eventually received a copy from a friend from Ohio, who gives it to every newly raised MM in his lodge.

An interesting masonic sword

Reading Time: 3 minutes AN INTERESTING MASONIC SWORD.By Br. W. Harry Rylands, F.S.A. THE Armeria or Royal Collection of Arms now preserved at Turin, was made by Charles Albert, King of Sardinia, who was born on the 2nd October, 1798, and died on tbe 28th of July, I849; having previously abdicated in favour of his son the late Victor … Read more