Historical Origins of the Mark Degree

The Mark is a ceremony or degree [sometimes called the ‘friendly’ degree], conferrable today only to Master Masons and forms part of a hierarchical organization. In Craft Masonry it was quite a late innovation making its appearance during the mid-1700s.  However we do know that Operative Masons, without any kind of ceremony, were taking marks 150 years before the Mark came into use as part of that particular ceremony.

Freemasons donate £700 to Leigh Hospice

It is a tradition in the Wigan Group to make an annual donation to the local hospice. This is above and beyond individual lodge donations and those from the central charity structure. Pictured from left to right, are: (front row) Alison Ogden-Banks and Sue Stone, back row Geoffrey Porter, David Ogden, John Selley and Chris … Read more