Why to Become A Freemason – The Attraction of values

Reading Time: 8 minutes When being asked, what would be the value of a diamond, mostly everybody answers in terms of higher amounts of money. A poor wanderer in the desert, in need of a cup of water, would probably give a better answer to this question, because he reflects of value in a different way. “Most valuable” for him means, “serving his needs and desires best”.

The Man who designed The White House & The Capitol Building in Washington.

Reading Time: 3 minutes james-hoban-whitehouse-architect-obverse The White House, then known as “the President’s House,” was the first public building to be erected in Washington. In 1790, the Commissioners of the District held a competition, seeking designs for the future executive mansion. A prize of $500 would be awarded to the winning architect. Hundreds of hopeful American architects participated–including Thomas … Read more

Eddie Rickenbacker – Freemason, successful race car driver, fighter pilot, airline executive, wartime advisor, and elder statesman

Reading Time: 11 minutes The American Ace of Aces, Eddie Rickenbacker, was an Freemason and a successful race car driver, fighter pilot, airline executive, wartime advisor, and elder statesman. Few aces achieved so much in so many different lifetime roles.

His twenty-six aerial victories came in only two months of combat flying, a spectacular achievement.


Reading Time: 5 minutes n a quiet summer afternoon about 230 years ago, some Harvard College students shut themselves in an upper dormitory room to arrange some affairs pertaining to their class. Another class member desired to be with them – knowing they intended to thwart some fondly cherished purpose of his own. They refused to admit him; the door was closed, and he could not gain admittance without violence, which he chose to avoid.