Reading Time: 10 minutes The point about the RA which I want to discuss involves manipulation of the Divine Name in its Hebrew form, and although it may seem as though I am not talking about Freemasonry at all, I think you will find that, as 1 proceed, your attention will be seized by the similarities between what 1 am writing about and the intentions of those who compiled the RA ritual. In addition, I hope what 1 say will illustrate my contention about the rise speculative Freemasonry and the RA.

Occultism of the Bible and the Kabbalah

Reading Time: 3 minutes Kabbalah is a knowledge of Divine Wisdom. This truth is the foundation stone upon which the regenerating and saving portion of every true religion is based.The Kabbalah transmits to us such knowledge as the adepts of those times chose to commit to writing.

California Freemasons make a million-dollar impact in support of at-risk youth

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ten years ago, the California Masonic Foundation launched Masons4Mitts in Northern California. After a record season, the now-statewide program has raised $1,011,080 in support of at-risk youth, purchasing more than 50,500 mitts for California kids. 

3 Generations of Freemasons in Attendance at Gothic Lodge with their Latest Initiate

Reading Time: < 1 minute The latest Initiate into Gothic Lodge 5754 was Mr Joshua Kaissi aged 21. WBro Martin Peters PPrAGDC took the chair of King Solomon to initiate his Nephew. Officers of the Lodge conducted an impeccable ceremony followed by WBro Jeff Challinor PPrSGD presenting a walking charge after Initiation. Supporting the family WBro Norman Peters PPrJGD from … Read more