Suffolk Freemasons organise Prostate Cancer Screening

2017 News

Prostate Cancer Screening

Suffolk Provincial Grand Lodge and Chaps have teamed up to provide a programme for all Suffolk Masons and a “buddy” to have a Prostate Check. This is a simple blood test [PSA] that has achieved very good results in other programmes by highlighting a need to follow the result up with your GP.[ 10% referral].11,000 men die each year from Prostate Cancer and the latest information shows that PSA based screening can cut the death rate by 50% This is important – see the details below to book your appointment. Minimal charge of £18.00 per person.

Laughter and Legends – Presented by the Freemasons of Suffolk in aid of masonic and non-masonic charties.

Laughter and Legends Regent Theatre, Ipswich January 21st 2017 19:30 Presented by the Masons of Suffolk in aid of masonic and non-masonic charties. An extravaganza of Music and Comedy starring: Ric Wakeman:- 70’s Rock Legend Roger De Coucey:- Ventriloquist Extraordinaire Katie Jones:- Accomplished Classical Soloist Andrew Flemming:- Britain’s Got Talent Finalist Triple Cream:- Renowned Comedy Pop Band … Read more

Keith Gilbert gives a flavour of the Tercentenary celebrations planned so far

Community spirit When considering a major celebration, we often focus on the nationwide events. Keith Gilbert, Coordinator of Tercentenary Planning, explains  why local activities can mean so much more The major celebrations for Her Majesty The Queen’s recent 90th birthday are very important for national and individual pride – from the 900 horses and 1,500 participants in the private grounds … Read more

Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting

Annual Meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Suffolk Trinity Rooms, Suffolk Showground, Ipswich IP3 8UH Friday 10th June 2016 The Programme/Summons and Application Form down loads are in the following links PGL Summons Agenda 16 PGL Summons FINAL F 16-1 E-Ticket