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How to Become a Mason

Freemasonry is founded on a commitment to support each other in friendship, fellowship and service to mankind. For thousands of years, people have found spiritual and philosophical fulfilment through freemasonry, which still operates on the same core values.

Sure and Stedfast Lodge No 9326 bow out with Two Donations

The closure of Sure and Stedfast Lodge No 9326 was not the final act of this former Boy’s Brigade lodge at Liverpool. Renowned for their generosity of spirit across the years, the members on closure settled all bills, ensured a provision to lodge widows and contemplated where the residue would be best placed. It was agreed to make two pecuniary donations, the recipients chosen being Liverpool Masonic Hall and the Kindred Lodges Association.

100 years of service by identical twin brothers – Freemasons New Zealand

Whangarei to celebrate 100 years of service by identical twin brothers, Bruce and Bryan Wiig. Originally from Bluff, both men were initiated into Freemasonry on the 15th July 1967 in Lodge Fortitude No 64. Over the years they have both moved away with Bruce now living in Auckland with wife Carol and Bryan in Whangarei with wife Marie.