The Man in Masonry

Reading Time: 5 minutes It is my task to review, or examine, with you the character of the mature mason. To do so we must first ask ourselves: What is maturity? No definition can better that of the dictionary — “the state of being, complete, perfect or ready.” Let us consider the aspect of completion

The Characteristics of a Freemason

Reading Time: 3 minutes As a point of departure and a brief introduction to our new member, let us look at him as he progresses through the various ceremonies involved in becoming a Freemason. During the course of his initiation, he was admonished to consider the volume of the sacred law an unerring standard of truth and justice and to regular his life by the divine precepts which it contains

Freemasonry in Society: Today and Tomorrow

Reading Time: 22 minutes Over the last number of years and with increasing concentration in recent times, individual Brethren and Grand Lodges seem to be getting more and more involved in matters which clearly fall without the stated “aims and relationships of the Craft

Women Freemasons Lodge Making History in America

Reading Time: 3 minutes Women Freemasons Lodge Making History in Washington DC This Memorial Day Weekend