LODGES OF FRIENDSHIP – ANNUAL GATHERING | Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire

Reading Time: 2 minutes The special meeting, held under dispensation from the PGM saw Lodges of Friendship from all over the country getting together to strengthen the bond of their association through having the same name. Lodges from as far afield as, Cumberland & Westmorland and Devonshire attended the meeting with the next Lodge to host the Gathering, the Lodge of Friendship No. 100, in the Province of Norfolk taking over the Ceremonial Gavel to be used next year in Great Yarmouth.


Reading Time: 3 minutes THE MASONIC RELIEF ASSOCIATION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, appears to have made contact with the Grand Lodge of Scotland, in the midst of the 1st World War

There was read to Grand Committee a letter from Right Worshipful Brother W. H. Melish of Cincinnati, the Chairman of the Executive Committee of an Association which has been organised in the United States of America, for the purpose of raising a Relief Fund to aid the needs of Freemasons and their families who are sufferers through the European War

The Essence of Scottish Freemasonry

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Essence of Scottish Freemasonry Recently there has been some discussion as the ‘meaning’ of Scottish Masonic Ritual, Regalia and Symbolism. On reading the Constitution and Laws of the Grand Lodge of Scotland (GLoS) one could be forgiven in thinking that there were no opinions on these subjects. The silence on the meaning of all … Read more