Masonic Learning with Dr Robert Lomas’ Podcast Initiative

Reading Time: 3 minutes Since UGLE closed down masonic meetings until the lockdown is over and the nasty virus of Covid-19 is under some level of control. How does the fraternity of Freemasonry continue? Zoom meetings are becoming the way forward and Masonic brethren that usually tour Lodges and Chapters giving lectures now offering webinars to keep the Masonic spirit alive amongst the Brethern and Companions.

The Blazing Star

Reading Time: 17 minutes there has been very little agreement among our scholars either as to its (the letter ‘G’) origin or to its meaning. Usually, we can hit upon the manner in which a symbol was introduced into the Ritual by studying the records of the early eighteenth century in England, at which time and place the Ritual was cast in its modern form, but such a study cannot help us here because the eighteenth century Masons were themselves confused about the matter

The Moderns & The Antients

Reading Time: 40 minutes BY BRO. ARTHUR HEIRON Bro. Heiron is the author of Ancient Freemasonry and the Old Dundee Lodge, No. 18 [1722-1920], a most interesting account of lodge life two hundred years ago. The present paper was read before the Manchester Association for Masonic Research in May, 1924. IT is common knowledge that prior to 1813 the … Read more