The Athole Family and Freemasonry

Reading Time: 15 minutes As the more energetic of the Grand Lodges, which formed the United Grand Lodge of England in 1813 was denominated the “Ancients” and the majority of the Lodges under its supervision were known as “Atholl” Lodges, it appeals to us that an article consisting of references thereto by many of the Masonic writers may not prove uninteresting.

THE ROOTS OF FREEMASONRY – W.Bro. Trevor Jenkins, PM Nautilus Lodge No. 4259

Reading Time: 19 minutes For centuries Masonic historians have been puzzled by the motives for, and the purpose of, the formation of the craft of freemasonry, both in its operative, and speculative form, and whilst endeavouring to investigate the mysteries surrounding the formation of our order, it seems that the riddle actually forms itself into three distinct questions

Freemasonry | The Unlawful Societies Act of 1799

Reading Time: 21 minutes A Lecture by Andrew Prescott of the Centre for Research into Freemasonry, University of Sheffield. Presented at the second international conference of the Canonbury Masonic Research Centre, 4-5 November 2000

UGLE – Was it always Grand and was it always United?

Reading Time: 4 minutes   United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) – was it always Grand and was it always United? It appears not. Where did it all begin – At a meeting held at the Apple Tree tavern in 1716 it was resolved by all the masons there, to meet the following year on 24th June (St. John … Read more