A Lecture on Various Rituals of Freemasonry by Rev George Oliver D.D

Reading Time: 25 minutes Delivered in the Witham Lodge, LincoIn, 1863, by THE REV. G. OLIVER, D.D. PAST D.P.G.M. FOR LINCOLNSHIRE;Honorary Member of numerous Lodges and Literary Societies in various parts of the World. BRETHREN, It is rather late in life for me to appear before a Lodge of intelligent Masons in the capacity of a lecturer; and it … Read more

Origins of Masonic Ritual

Reading Time: 8 minutes The origins of masonic ceremonies are fully discussed by Knoop and Jones in Chapter X of The Genesis of Freemasonry. The authors deduce the origins of eighteenth-century Masonic ceremonies from two main sources. Firstly, the Invocation; the legend or “history” of the Craft; and the Masons’ regulations, as commonly contained in the Ms. Constitutions of Masonry, these being the respective prototypes of the Opening Prayer, the Traditional History, and the Charges of later Masonic ritual


Reading Time: 13 minutes by Bro. H.L. HAYWOOD, Editor THE BUILDER The Builder Magazine, June 1924 – Volume X – Number 6 FRANCE, GERMANY, ETC   1. FREEMASONRY IN FRANCE The earliest protagonists of the Craft in France are almost mythical figures, and move about in a fog of rumor and conjecture, so that it is exceedingly difficult to … Read more

Matthew Cooke Manuscript in Contemporary English

Reading Time: 19 minutes Matthew Cooke Manuscript in Contemporary English Matthew Cooke Manuscript Translated by Bro. George William Speth (1847/04/30-1901/04/19) THANKED be God, our glorious Father, the founder and creator of heaven and earth, and of all things that therein are, for that he has vouchsafed, of his glorious Godhead, to make so many things of manifold virtue for … Read more