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Knights Templar Worcestershire

Reading Time: < 1 minute ST. Kenelm Lodge, No. 6082 – ‘Knights Templar Presentation’ The regular meeting on the 19th April of St Kenelm Lodge was certainly different, if not unique in the Province. On that evening, following the formal closing of the Lodge, seven members who are also members of the ‘United Orders’ (i.e. Knights Templar), including the immediate … Read more

Allied Masonic Degrees – Degrees of Significance

Reading Time: 5 minutes Of the many ‘extra-Craft’ degrees, those five controlled by the Grand Council of the Order of the Allied Masonic Degrees are probably the least known: one has to be a Mark Master and a Royal Arch Mason to be eligible and this double qualification will exclude many. There are also fewer private Allied Councils than there are lodges, or equivalent bodies, for the much larger orders of Mark and Royal Ark Mariners and even of smaller orders, such as the Royal and Select Masters.

The Rose Croix

Reading Time: 5 minutes A reprint of an article published in Freemasonry Today Issue 17, Summer 2001 © Grand Lodge Publications Ltd 1997-2014 Matthew Christmas explains the 18th Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Rite  The Rose Croix  Of all the many orders and degrees outside the Craft and the Royal Arch, there is no doubt that for many the pinnacle … Read more