The Holy Saints John and Freemasonry

Reading Time: 9 minutes   “…AND DEDICATED TO THE HOLY SAINTS JOHN” An inquiry into the designation of the Saints John as Patron Saints of Freemasonry by W.Bro. Harvey L. Ward Jr. PM R.T. Schafer Lodge No. 350, F&AM Grand Lodge of Florida, Usa One of the primary purposes of Freemasonry is the education of its members.  Unfortunately, as the … Read more


Reading Time: 7 minutes SHORT TALK BULLETIN – Vol.XI January, 1933 No.1 by: Unknown The tenderest of Masonic affections cling around this phrase; men away from home have a longing for their Mother Lodge, indefinable in words, as ethereal as a flower-scent, as actual as the good standing cards they carry in their pockets. But what is this that … Read more


Reading Time: 14 minutes Freemasonry continues an initiatic tradition whose beginnings are lost in antiquity. This statement cannot be proven historically.Yet the more you study Masonic rites and its symbols, the more you become convinced that you are dealing with something ancient, maybe even primordial. It becomes clear that this tradition is much older than Masonrys institutional beginnings in 1717, older than the cathedral builders and medieval guilds, older even than King Solomons Temple or the Egyptian Pyramids.