The Holy Saints John and Freemasonry

Reading Time: 9 minutes   “…AND DEDICATED TO THE HOLY SAINTS JOHN” An inquiry into the designation of the Saints John as Patron Saints of Freemasonry by W.Bro. Harvey L. Ward Jr. PM R.T. Schafer Lodge No. 350, F&AM Grand Lodge of Florida, Usa One of the primary purposes of Freemasonry is the education of its members.  Unfortunately, as the … Read more


Reading Time: 41 minutes Worshipful Master, do you realize that by addressing you as “Worshipful” I am providing absolute proof in the minds of some credulous and ignorant religious zealots that this Lodge is in fact worshipping you?

Harry Truman’s Grandson Speaking in NJ: 10/22/16

Reading Time: 2 minutes The New Jersey Scottish Rite Research Guild will host their first presentation by Brother Clifton Truman Daniel: “Harry S Truman – The Character of a Freemason” on Saturday, October 22nd at the Valley of Central New Jersey. The event is open to all Freemasons, friends and family. It will be hald at the Valley of Central … Read more

A New Royal Arch Chapter? Yes, Really.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Most Excellent Grand High Priest of Illinois, Sean McBride holding old Homer Royal Arch sign   Brother Todd Creason, author of Famous American Freemasons, has a short piece over on the Midnight Freemasons site today about something that is rarely heard of in the U.S. anymore – the organization and chartering of a new Royal … Read more


Reading Time: 13 minutes by Bro. H.L. HAYWOOD, Editor THE BUILDER The Builder Magazine, June 1924 – Volume X – Number 6 FRANCE, GERMANY, ETC   1. FREEMASONRY IN FRANCE The earliest protagonists of the Craft in France are almost mythical figures, and move about in a fog of rumor and conjecture, so that it is exceedingly difficult to … Read more