The Traditional History of The Order of Women Freemasons

Reading Time: 10 minutes Brethren, our order was formed in March 1908 when we were called The Honourable Fraternity of Antient Masonry. We are a regular Masonic Order open to all women, unlike Adoptive Masonry which restricts its membership to women who are fortunate to have Masons among their near family. As you know, we are open to all women of full age, of good report and holding a belief in a Supreme Being.

Freemasons grant of £110,000 supports seriously ill children in Derbyshire

Reading Time: 3 minutes Children in Derby will need to spend less time in hospital, as a new Children’s Nurse from WellChild, the national charity for seriously ill children, will be arranging and coordinating the care they need at home. The new nurse is being funded by our recent grant of £110,000. Caring for children at home The WellChild … Read more

Freemasons support charities fighting homelessness across England and Wales

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s easy to presume that a person is only homeless if they’re sleeping under a worn-out sleeping bag in a shop doorway, wondering how they’ll afford their next meal or hot drink. The reality is that homelessness is a complex and misunderstood crisis. ‘The vast majority of homeless people are actually families or single people … Read more