Advanced Degrees by W.Bro. J.S.M. WARD

Reading Time: 42 minutes In attempting to give an outline sketch of the various degrees in Freemasonry in a book of this description, I am faced by many difficulties, not the least of which is how to write in an interesting way about degrees, which many of my readers have not taken, without giving away more than is permissible. … Read more

KING SOLOMON’S TEMPLE | Symbol of Freemasonry

Reading Time: 21 minutes References to the construction of King Solomon’s temple at Jerusalem have been included in the rituals of the operative freemasons since ancient times. In operative lodges the layout of the lodge room in each of the several degrees symbolises either a stoneyard or the temple building at one of the various stages of construction


Reading Time: 41 minutes Worshipful Master, do you realize that by addressing you as “Worshipful” I am providing absolute proof in the minds of some credulous and ignorant religious zealots that this Lodge is in fact worshipping you?

A model of King Solomon’s Temple

Reading Time: 22 minutes T is not a little remarkable that the two cardinal epochs in English Freemasonry were associated with the appearance in London of Models of the Temple of Jerusalem. At the first epoch, that of the Revival of Freemasonry, the Model ascribed to Councillor Schott had arrived in London, and was on exhibition in 1723 and 1730