Double Headed Eagle

The double headed eagle, a symbol steeped in antiquity, stands as one of the Scottish Rite’s most venerable emblems, its lineage stretching back through countless cultures over millennia. This emblem, often juxtaposed with the Craft Lodge’s white-lambskin apron, carries profound significance, weaving itself into the tapestry of mythologies and symbols across the globe. The eagle, … Read more

Those Mysterious Pillars: BOAZ and JACHIN

In being associated with the construction industry and in having our lodges as a representation King Solomon’s Temple, there is in myself and perhaps many others, a wonderment of the origin, the design, and the building, of this magnificent structure. Many individuals care not how their home is erected, only that the paint, the woodwork, … Read more


The Builder Magazine March 1915 – Volume 1 – Number 3 BY BRO. S. W. WILLIAMS, GRAND HIGH PRIEST OF TENNESSEE ” The MASTER’S WORD * * * is the reward of study and devotion, and has never been obtained on any other terms. It has never been conferred in the ritualistic degrees of the … Read more

The Cable Tow

THE word Cable-tow, we are told, is, purely Masonic in its meaning and use. It is so defined in the dictionary, but not always accurately, which shows that we ought not to depend upon the ordinary dictionary for the truth about Masonic terms. Masonry has its own vocabulary and uses it in its own way. … Read more