Hermeticism and the Cult of Egypt: A Nexus of Ancient Wisdom

The Cult of Egypt, often associated with the fascination or reverence for ancient Egyptian culture, encompasses a wide range of cultural, religious, and esoteric interests. This fascination can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans

This introduction to the article “Cult of Egypt” aims to lay the groundwork for exploring the multifaceted phenomenon of Egyptomania, a term describing the intense interest and enthusiasm for all things Egyptian, triggered often by archaeological discoveries. This phenomenon spans various aspects, from historical and archaeological interest to religious and mystical practices, cultural influence, esoteric … Read more

Freemasons Donate £4,000 to Blood Bikes

This act of kindness was not an isolated event; it reflects the Freemasons’ ongoing commitment to charitable causes. The Masonic Charitable Foundation matched the donation, doubling the impact of this gesture and reinforcing the strong partnership between the two organizations.

In a heartwarming display of community support, the Freemasons of Cumbria have made a significant financial contribution to Blood Bikes Cumbria, a vital service providing emergency transport for the healthcare sector. The generous donation of £4,000 was presented by the head of Cumbria Freemasons, Bill Bewley, in a meeting with the dedicated team of Blood … Read more