The School of Athens: A Masterpiece of Renaissance Philosophy and Art

School of Athens Commissioned by Pope Julius II, Raphael's task was to embody the spirit of the Renaissance, an era that saw a rebirth of interest in the art, literature, and philosophy of ancient Greece and Rome.

Dive into the heart of the Renaissance with Raphael’s The School of Athens, a fresco that celebrates ancient philosophy and showcases the era’s intellectual giants. Discover the symbolism behind the figures of Plato, Aristotle, and their contemporaries, and learn how this masterpiece reflects the Renaissance spirit of learning, inquiry, and admiration for classical antiquity.

Symbolism of the Lodge

It is often said that symbolism is carried too far and this is difficult to deny when I think of Freud and other psychiatrists and psychologists who seem able to find strange and often erotic meanings in all they see. The meanings given to every image based on repetition makes the lay-person feel at a serious disadvantage when they wish to contradict anything that is given a meaning by such “Specialists.” The symbolic object, which is dredged up by the mind, seems to have no great pattern of consistency in the case of psychiatric symbol definition.

Double Headed Eagle

The double headed eagle, a symbol steeped in antiquity, stands as one of the Scottish Rite’s most venerable emblems, its lineage stretching back through countless cultures over millennia. This emblem, often juxtaposed with the Craft Lodge’s white-lambskin apron, carries profound significance, weaving itself into the tapestry of mythologies and symbols across the globe. The eagle, … Read more