Report of the Board of General Purposes – 11 September 2013

Quarterly Communication of Grand Lodge 11 September 2013 Report of the Board of General Purposes  Minutes The Minutes of the Quarterly Communication of Grand Lodge of 12 June 2013 were confirmed. Meetings in 2014 The Board of General Purposes will meet in 2014 on 11 February, 18 March, 13 May, 15 July, 16 September and 11 November. … Read more

Railways and Freemasonry: the connection explored by John Hamill

Parallel lines The histories of the railway system and Freemasonry are inextricably linked. John Hamill examines the impact that long-distance rail travel and commuter belts had on the Craft Public transport is such a part of our daily lives, and we take it so much for granted, that it is difficult to imagine a world … Read more

Peter Lowndes on taking the proactive approach

Taking the initiative Pro Grand Master Peter Lowndes makes the case for a proactive and collaborative approach among Freemasons in order to ensure the future of masonry for generations to come I have consistently stressed the importance of recruiting high-quality candidates to Freemasonry and then ensuring that they understand what it stands for and how … Read more