Masonic Charitable Foundation – Advancing the Fight Against AMD: The Research Journey of PhD Student Richard Scharff

At the heart of the Freemasons' philanthropic mission is a deep-seated belief in the power of research to transform lives and communities. By funding innovative studies across a broad spectrum of medical fields, from oncology and neurology to mental health and geriatrics, Freemasons play a critical role in the global quest to alleviate suffering and enhance quality of life. These medical research grants, administered with a combination of vision, rigor, and compassion, underscore the Freemasons' dedication to the welfare of humanity and their unwavering support for the scientific community.

In the vast landscape of philanthropy, few organizations have made as profound and enduring an impact on medical research as the Freemasons. Through their charitable arms, including the notable Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) in England, Freemasons have long championed the cause of advancing medical knowledge and improving public health. This commitment is vividly embodied in their sponsorship of medical research grants, a pivotal effort that seeks not only to uncover new scientific knowledge but also to pave the way for ground-breaking treatments and cures for some of humanity’s most daunting health challenges.

Unveiling the Layers: William Hogarth a Master of Metaphor and Masonic Imagery

Hogarth's engraving unfolds as a vivid tableau, signaling the dawn of a transformative era through the lens of a satirical nativity parade and a coronation procession.

William Hogarth, an artist deeply entrenched in the Masonic tradition, utilized his art to create a secret tapestry of Freemasonry’s rituals, symbols, and internal dynamics. Hogarth’s engravings are not mere art; they are cryptic archives, requiring an astute key to unveil the clandestine messages hidden within. His work subtly satirizes Masonic rituals, political undertones, and … Read more

UGLE and the VAT Refund Appeal: A Legal and Philosophical Conundrum

UGLE, as an institution, is steeped in history and tradition, but recently found itself at the center of a legal battle over Value Added Tax (VAT) refunds amounting to £2.83 million. This case highlights the intricate relationship between tax law and the philosophical underpinnings of organizations like UGLE. Background of the Case The United Grand Lodge … Read more

Cumbria Freemasons donate £4,000 to Prism Arts in Carlisle

Prism Art being donated which will be proudly displayed in Carlisle Masonic Hall Freemasons’ Donation: Cumbria Freemasons have generously donated £4,000 to Prism Arts in Carlisle, supporting individuals with disabilities and learning difficulties1. Masonic Charitable Trust: The donation is part of a funding scheme from the Masonic Charitable Trust, aimed at driving positive change2. Prism … Read more