Back to the Future

During its early history in Australia, Freemasonry was not an egalitarian movement. Indeed, it can be argued that it was never designed to be egalitarian. Aside from its teachings, the greatest strength of Masonry has always been its mystique.

From Darkness to Light!

From Darkness to Light! Last Monday evening a demonstration team from the Custodes Copiae Chapter of Provincial Grand Stewards No 9430 delivered, for the first time in the Province, a new and completely different Royal Arch presentation arranged by the Deputy Grand Superintendent entitled “From Darkness to Light !” delivered in the Cleator Moor Masonic … Read more

The History and Meaning of the Apron

The Apron is not a modern invention; in fact it is the most ancient of all garments. In the 3rd Chapter of genesis these words are written: “and the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew they were naked, and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons.”

The Third Degree is a Drama and has many meanings

In the third Degree ceremony in Craft masonry, a brother is raised to the ‘Sublime Degree of a Master Mason’. It is indeed a ‘Sublime’ Degree, which, as a full member of the Craft, a Mason may study for years without exhausting it.

Any interpretation in this article must necessarily be a hint only. Yet a hint may stimulate a Mason to reflect upon it himself, and to study it more thoroughly in the future.