THE ROOTS OF FREEMASONRY – W.Bro. Trevor Jenkins, PM Nautilus Lodge No. 4259

Reading Time: 19 minutes For centuries Masonic historians have been puzzled by the motives for, and the purpose of, the formation of the craft of freemasonry, both in its operative, and speculative form, and whilst endeavouring to investigate the mysteries surrounding the formation of our order, it seems that the riddle actually forms itself into three distinct questions

Famous Scottish Freemasons – Thomas Telford 1757 – 1834

Reading Time: 2 minutes Thomas Telford was born the son of a shepherd near Langholm in the Scottish Borders. At the age of 14 he became an apprentice stonemason in Edinburgh. In 1782 Telford moved to London to work on Somerset House and in 1784 he was managing the construction works at Portsmouth Dockyard. In 1788, he was appointed Surveyor of Public Works … Read more