West Lancashire team shines at Grand Lodge

Demonstration teams are popular attractions at lodge and chapter meetings and in recent years a plethora of teams have performed with demonstrations of 18th century degree ceremonies, Scottish degree ceremonies, modern chapter exaltations, ‘Talking Heads’ presentations and many more; not forgetting the Fylde Group Lodge of Instruction Festival. For this purpose, a gathering of 29 … Read more

Over 100 East Lancashire Masons attend “Talking Heads – The Next Step: Into the Royal Arch” | News from Rochdale District

“Talking Heads” is presented as a short playlet of an encounter between two craft lodge members; one an experienced Past Master (and Royal Arch Companion) WBro Ian Clark, SLGR, and the other a Master Mason WBro Mike Baker, PAGDC, curious to know more. It covers the history of the Order, explanations of the regalia, links to the Craft, why the Royal Arch is the climax and completion of pure Ancient Freemasonry