Freemasonry and its Role in Civil Society

Reading Time: 5 minutes We would offer as a starting point a commonly held view that the arrangements with major impact on human existence are those of the state, family and market with a fourth “civil society” being the totality of other institutions. These groupings are not fixed. Rather, they should be understood as tectonic plates vitalised by human energy, continuously shaping and forming themselves, and similarly reshaping and re-forming each other.It is to “civil society” that we must turn to find Freemasonry

The Hon. Miss St. Leger and Freemasonry

Reading Time: 18 minutes By Bro. Edward Conder. The Anglo-Norman House of St. Leger has perhaps one of the best authenticated pedigrees of any of those families whose pride it is, that they are descended from one of the companions in arms of the Conqueror. From the British Museum Library, Philpott’s MSS., and the Stemmata St. Leodegaria, I find … Read more