Oscar Wilde – A University Freemason – by W.Bro. Yasha Beresiner

Today no one will deny the genius of Oscar Wilde. Yet during his own lifetime he was spurned and humiliated in spite of the success of much of his work. He was a victim of the society into which he was born. The Victorian middle-class, whose sacred institutions of morality Wilde was to infringe, simply had no patience or tolerance for him. The saddest of the tragedies that Wilde was to write could not match the events that were to unfold and Freemasonry, which did play a significant part during his time at Oxford

69 mile ultra marathon for the Perthes Association

Chris Lightfoot, Assistant Director of Ceremonies at Shakespeare Lodge in Warwick is working hard to raise awareness and much needed money for the Perthes Association, a small charity supporting sufferers of the rare condition called Perthes Disease. Chris and his wife Juliette became concerned last year when their son Harry complained of a poorly leg, … Read more

An interesting masonic sword

AN INTERESTING MASONIC SWORD.By Br. W. Harry Rylands, F.S.A. THE Armeria or Royal Collection of Arms now preserved at Turin, was made by Charles Albert, King of Sardinia, who was born on the 2nd October, 1798, and died on tbe 28th of July, I849; having previously abdicated in favour of his son the late Victor … Read more