What’s Your Answer?

Reading Time: 5 minutes A Mason is sometimes asked by a friend, a neighbour, or a business associate, “What do the Masons do?” The question may be worded more generally, “What are the Masons?” In either case, the Brother is challenged by the realization that there is no simple answer which he can rattle off ‘from the top of … Read more

The Spiritual Dimension of Freemasonry

Reading Time: 4 minutes The above definition of spirituality is a useful introduction to the content of this paper for regardless of Obedience, I’ve always believed that Freemasonry as a whole is mainly concerned with spirituality. Spirituality deals with the intangible, with the non-material, which is exactly what we do as freemasons at every temple meeting. We deal with the virtual, the symbolic, the intangible. We attempt to reach out to the GAOTU and to our own inner selves.