The Old Charges Revisited

Reading Time: 24 minutes Since 1717, this has been a subject of passionate concern to almost every Freemason. There remain a mass of competing views and theories, and this question has dominated research into Freemasonry.

The “Free” In Freemasonry

Reading Time: 7 minutes WHY IS IT THAT OUR Fraternity bears the name “Freemasonry” instead of “Masonry”? Why the “free” in it? Far back in the Middle Ages a freemason was the name of a builder who could design buildings as well as construct them. He was what we should now call an architect.

The use of the term “lectures”

Reading Time: 3 minutes The use of the term “lectures“ THE USE OF THE TERM “LECTURES”.By Bro. A. E. Currie. THE use of the term “lectures” to describe what in current usage would be called a “Catechism“, almost the opposite of a “lecture” in any of the usual senses of that word, calls for explanation. Some brethren appear to … Read more

Emulation Lodge of Improvement launches a Digital Version of its Ritual

Reading Time: 4 minutes Digital Edition of the Emulation Ritual The official and authorised eBook version of the Emulation Ritual is now available in a totally secure downloadable eBook format (ePUB) for those wishing to read it on their desktop computer (PC or Mac), tablet (e.g. iPad or Galaxy), smartphone (e.g. iPhone or Samsung), or dedicated eReader (e.g. Sony, … Read more