The Old Charges Revisited

Reading Time: 24 minutes Since 1717, this has been a subject of passionate concern to almost every Freemason. There remain a mass of competing views and theories, and this question has dominated research into Freemasonry.

On the Foundations and Legacy of Quatuor Coronati Lodge of Research

Reading Time: 31 minutes ON THE FOUNDATIONS AND LEGACY OF QUATUOR CORONATI LODGE OF RESEARCH. by Bro. Bob James Discovery Lodge of Research UGL of NSW & ACT, Australia   Introduction: This essay is concerned with Masonic historical research and with one particular research lodge. My reasons for closely examining the first years of this lodge, Quatuor Coronati or ‘Four … Read more

Three Uses of Memory in Freemasonry by W.Bro. J. Scott Kenney

Giulio Camillo - Teatro della Memoria

Reading Time: 8 minutes Why is memory so important to Freemasons? I’m sure to many of you, that will seem obvious. Yet, beyond memorizing material so that you can do things like prove up to a higher degree, perform your ritual part well, do the floorwork, deliver a charge or even deliver a tracing board, there is a great deal more to this topic than one might think at first glance. Thus, in this brief paper, I hope to sketch out three interrelated areas in which memory may – whether consciously or inadvertently – be of significance to Freemasons.