A Modern Examination of the Landmarks of Freemasonry

Few subjects in Masonic Jurisprudence generate more interest and debate than the Landmarks of Freemasonry. Every new Brother is charged to protect and preserve them, but there is much conflicting information about what the Landmarks of Masonry actually are. Considering that the proper observation of the Landmarks is a primary factor in the decision of whether a Grand Lodge is recognized or not and the preservation of them one of the most important considerations in making any Masonic policy, it is important that the Landmarks of the order be well understood.

Jewels from the Past

A former members jewels and ritual books have been handed to the lodge by his granddaughter for which we are very thankful. The former member, W Bro Robert Waller, was a founding member and amongst the memorabilia are his Founders Jewel and his Past Masters Jewel for 1951. In addition there are a number of … Read more

Unworthy Members

Unworthy Members

That there are men in our Order whose lives and characters reflect no credit on the Institution, whose ears turn coldly from its beautiful lessons of morality, whose hearts are untouched by its soothing influences of brotherly kindness, whose hands are not opened to aid in its deeds of charity is a fact which we … Read more

The Acacia Fraternity And Masonic Research

The Acacia Fraternity And Masonic Research By Francis W. Shephardson The Builder – January 1915 | former Grand President THE Acacia Fraternity is a society of college men who are Master Masons. It is not a Masonic body in the ordinary acceptation of that expression. It is not a side degree. It claims no antiquity. It … Read more

Sir Francis Columbine Daniel: Freemason and inventor of the life preserver

All at sea It is no coincidence that the same man who invented the life preserver and received a mistaken knighthood also had a wholly unique relationship with Freemasonry. John Hamill considers the life of Francis Columbine Daniel On 21 July 1806, crowds thronged to the River Thames in London to view an exhibition of Francis Columbine Daniel’s … Read more